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“We utilize the CSL for several oil and gas clients because the CS101 Handheld reader can handle harsh outdoor conditions and rough handling.”  Sujatha Bodapati, Founder and CEO of  AssetPulse. AssetPulse

“In our experience, the CS101 consistently reads twice as far as the Motorola 9090 at half the price of the 9090.  We recommend the CS101 to all our hospitality and garment tracking customers.”  Neal Jordan, VP Operations,  Foundation Logic Systems. FoundLogic

“CS101 Handheld RFID Reader is used in RFID4U training courses due to its high performance, easy of use, and programming customization flexibility.” Sanjiv Dua,  CEO RFID4U. RFID4U

“We are excited to work with CSL because they are a leader in identification products and focus on providing excellent RFID readers, RFID tags and RTLS systems.” Jeff Kruse, TransTech Systems Inc.TransTech Systems Inc.

“We had pretty much given up on people monitoring with RFID badges but CSL’s BAP ID Card makes tracking not just possible but reliable.  This is the first RFID card in any format that can be placed in your wallet, sandwiched between two PROX badges, and still read perfectly when passing through a doorway from about 10 feet.” Carl Brown, President of SimplyRFID

”CSL’s BAP ID cards is game changing technology for asset tracking, people monitoring, and loyalty programs in high traffic events, large-area situations and hazardous environments.” Louis Sirico, President of The RFID Network. The RFID Network

“We were pleasantly surprised when we tested the new low cost CS469 versus comparable readers from Impinj and Sirit. We found the reader has very comparable read distance and read rates! ” Stated David Bray, managing director, RFTech LTD.

“The fully documented APIs made the CS469 extremely easy to work with and dramatically reduced our setup time.  The reader provided excellent performance and surpassed our cost targets, ” reports Roc Lastinger, managing partner, Helvetia Wireless.

“CS469 is a perfect match with our retail business and smart shelve solution.   The CS469 has given the confidence to small retail store to start RFID applications.” Tafe Tsa, vice president, Alpha Solution Limited.