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CS506 Plug-in with RTLS for CS101 Handheld Reader
s_313401334611CS506 is a plug-in module for the CS101 UHF EPC C1G2 handheld RFID reader that enables real-time positioning of the device. This plug-in empowers the CS101 handheld reader, with its exceptional 7 meter plus read range of passive tag, is able to read passive tags while knowing exactly where that read is done, thus indirectly locating the tagged object. This is extremely useful for the tracking of objects with passive RFID tagging, such as goods in warehouses, assets in buildings, animals in farms and slaughter houses, cars and auto parts in auto factories, bags and trays in postal offices, etc. All of these applications require the combined feature of the long read range CS101 handheld reader and accurate positioning from CSL RTLS.