Big Wheels Keep on Rolling with the CS101 RFID Handheld Reader

A significant element of any successful logistics operation is safety. When vehicles hit the road, the last thing you want is a break-down or a tire blowout. Fortunately, Americas Technologies Solutions Corp (ATS) has developed an EPC Class 1 Gen 2 RFID tire tag that enables quick and easy monitoring of tire condition.

Designed to be embedded in the tire mold prior to manufacturing, the tag survives the high-temperature tire curing process, and is robust enough to remain operational throughout the lifetime of the tire.

Brazilian tire manufacturer Tipler offers a high-performance line of tires incorporating this embedded RFID technology, allowing unique identification of each tire. This enables efficient tracking as part of fleet management, as well as automation of data collection to monitor such information as tire life and mileage.

Strong as Steel

Tipler-CSLThe ATS RFID tire tag provides maximum read range to allow reliable reading of even the inner tires on a tandem axle. However, due to the high-performance construction of steel belted tires with the embedded RFID technology, it’s important to choose a powerful RFID reader to accurately scan the RFID tire tags.

For this reason, ATS and Tipler have selected the CS101 RFID Reader from Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) to use in conjunction with the RFID tire tags. In fact, the CS101 Handheld Reader is the only RFID reader to date that has demonstrated the ability to reliably read the embedded RFID tags through steel belted tires.

The CS101 offers the longest read range, highest read rate and highest read yield among available UHF RFID handheld readers. With a ruggedized design, Wi-Fi capability, full Qwerty keypad and touch screen, the CS101 delivers versatility and reliability at an affordable cost, enabling fixed reader class performance in a portable device.

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