Bringing the CS461 to factory default by going through factory upgrade

Please only try this recovery method if the reader is unable to boot up normally.
Please find the CS461 Factory Upgrade package from:

Please install the application provided.  You will need:

  • a DB-9 cable going from the serial port on the reader to the COM port of the PC
  • an Ethernet cable that connects your PC to the reader

After that, please launch the factory upgrade application.  At the bottom, please select the COM port on your PC that connects to the reader.

On the configuration panel, please enter:


RedBootIP: it is a temporary IP address that the reader will use during upgrade process.  It can be any IP address that is not being used on the subnet.

TFTP Server IP: the IP address of the LAN card on your PC that connects to the reader

Subnet Mask and Gateway: information of your network

Board Rev/Band No.: Please look at the photos below.  If your reader is having a transparent cover at the front like the first image below, please select Rev E/Band 2.  If the reader is having a silver cover at the front like the second image, please select Rev D / Band 2.


Please unplug the power of the reader and then click “Run” on the application.  Then, plug the power back in.

The upgrade process will start and it will notify you when it is done.  That normally takes around 20 minutes.

After that, the IP address of the reader will be changed to  Please log into the reader through IE.  Please note that it will take longer time for the reader to be boot up the first time.

You will need to do a minor upgrade to put the reader to the latest firmware.  Please find the latest firmware (reader-2.2.0SP18RC77-461.0-098531AA.cne) in the package and upgrade the firmware by going to Version->Firmware Upgrade on the web interface.

After that, you reader will be completely reflashed with the latest firmware.


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