February 5

Connecting to a CSL CS203


Note: this walkthrough uses the CS203′s Java version of the demo.  If you’d like to use the C#-based version, you can find that here

Opening a CSL CS203, you may notice that there is no software with your new integrated RFID reader/antenna.  There is also no way to log in to the device using its IP address in a browser, as you can with most network devices.  So, if you can’t do these things, how can you get into and/or use the CS203?

Convergence Systems Unlimited has placed the solution on their website, but it’s not necessarily easy to find.  What you’re going to want is the “CS203 Java DemoApp,” which you can find here.

Once you have downloaded the .rar file and un-compressed it with a program such as Winrar, navigate to the folder that was created.  Inside that folder, navigate to the “Setup File” folder and begin the “CS203JavaDemoAppSetup”:


After going through the setup wizard, a shortcut will be placed on your Desktop called “CS203 Java Demo”:


Double-clicking on the shortcut will open up the CS203 Java Demo, where you’ll have 3 options:

1. “Search,” (which searches everywhere on the network for your CS203)
2. “Direct Search” (if you already know the IP address of your CS203, you can find it this way)
3. “Clear” (clears your search results.  Since there aren’t any search results yet, this isn’t yet useful)


Upon clicking “Search,” once your CS203 is found it will show up in your window.  Clicking on the result will make new options available, and you’ll be prompted to press “Connect” or “Assignment.”


Clicking on “Assignment” will allow you to change network aspects of the device, such as the device name and the IP address.


Clicking on “Connect” will connect you to the CS203, allowing you to access and use its RFID reading capabilities:



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