Convergence Systems Limited and Omni ID Sign Global Distribution Agreement

May 18, 2009

RFID Technology Provider to Resell Full Omni-ID Product Line to System Integrators as its Exclusive On-Metal Tag.

News Facts:
• Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) a leader in the design and manufacturing of radio frequency identification (RFID) equipment, Omni-ID a leading innovator in passive ultra high frequency (UHF) tag technology, have reached a global distribution agreement.
• Through the agreement, CSL will market and resell the full line of Omni-ID RFID tags to a rapidly expanding network of system integrators—many located in Asia, where CSL has a strong presence.
• CSL will also offer a starter solution bundle to its resellers that will include CSL’s CS101 RFID Handheld reader, asset tracking software and Omni-ID RFID tags. This solution-oriented approach allows customers to get a pilot started easily and cost effectively.
• The partnership addresses longstanding RFID challenges of difficult-to-tag assets in the presence of materials such as metal or liquids. For example, asset tracking in an IT datacenter can be both difficult to tag due to the presence of metal and also challenging for fixed RFID readers. With Omni-ID and CSL, customers will reap the benefits of Omni-ID RFID tags that work in harsh environments combined with the proven quality of a CSL handheld reader at an affordable price.
• Omni-ID and CSL are natural partners due to their firm commitment to customers, a steadfast focus on innovation and industry-leading technology. Both companies were recently called out by industry pundit Louis Sirico of for holding a leadership position in their respective industries: In benchmark testing performed earlier this year, the combination of the CSL hand-held and Omni-ID tags achieved read performance never before possible with passive tags on metal.
• With CSL’s strong presence in the Asian market through its Hong Kong headquarters, this partnership further accelerates Omni-ID’s penetration and commitment to the region.

Company Logos and Additional Resources:
• Objective review by RFIDWizards of CSL CS101 RFID Handheld reader
• Objective review by RFIDWizards of Omni-ID RFID Tags

• “Omni-ID views the RFID industry from a different perspective than most other vendors in the space,” said Tom Pavela, President and CEO of Omni-ID. “Instead of focusing on technology only, we first and foremost consider what deployment challenges may accompany an RFID rollout. CSL shares that view of the industry. By combining Omni-ID RFID tags with the mobility of the CSL handheld reader, our joint customers will have a complete solution at a very attractive price.”
• “Far too often, vendors have a singular focus and make the mistake of believing that an RFID implementation is only about one component,” said Jerry Garrett, Managing Director of Convergence Systems Limited. “At CSL, we realize that our readers are only a piece of the puzzle. We sincerely believe that CSL’s CS101 handheld reader and application software packages, when combined with Omni-ID’s high performance tags, give the end users the best solution for managing high-value assets.”
• “Both Omni-ID and CSL stand out in their respective market segments as leaders because of innovative technology and a keen understanding of customer needs,” said Louis Sirico, Founder and CTO of “This partnership further illustrates that position. The solution these two companies will bring to market is a much-needed step forward for the industry and one that answers many challenges facing customers today.”

About Omni-ID: Omni-ID is one of the world’s leading innovators of passive ultra high frequency (UHF) radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Through its patent-pending revolutionary technology Omni-ID “cracked the code” to overcome the problems traditionally associated with RFID, enabling a broad range of new applications that improves accuracy and efficiency in asset tracking, logistics and supply chain management. The company’s family of versatile RFID tags works reliably in the harshest environments, including on and off metal and liquids and excel in real-world proving grounds, demonstrating their value in today’s most challenging business applications. With major offices in Foster City, Calif. and in the UK, Omni-ID’s mission is to drive the widespread adoption of RFID technology as the optimal tracking and identification solution. For more information, visit

About Convergence Systems Limited: Founded in 2000, Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) is a leading engineering company and manufacturer of RFID (radio frequency identification) readers, antennas, RFID modules, and RFID tags. CSL’s readers have built-in middleware and edge server application software supporting iPx and EPC Gen2 specifications. CSL was established to deliver a broad portfolio of RFID products to distributors and system integrators in logistic management, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control, asset and security management, transportation, and retail industries around the world. CSL is a member of EPCglobal.
CSL is affiliated with Chung Nam Electronics (CNE) and is a member of the Chung Nam Group. The group was founded in 1935 and has over 12,000 employees with global operations. CNE is a value-added Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Company with OEM and ODM capabilities. CNE provides total outsourcing solutions to international clients through value engineering and interactive design. Specializing in RF & wireless technologies, CNE’s products include: RFID tags and readers, 802.11 a/b/g/n Network Interface Modules/Cards, Wi-Fi Internet Radio Products, RF Point-Of-Sales System and GPS/GSM tracking systems.

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