CSL CS790 Ultra Thin RFID Antenna

December 20, 2010

The following article and video was published on www.RFID.net introducing our new family of ultra thin antennas

These antennas are based on an evanescent radio wave pattern. This means that we can give a very controllable read field in this low profile. To get the full benefits of this antenna, we also launched our new CS468 – 16-port reader. We are able to provide you the following best-of-breed features:

· Custom ordered to fit any length of shelf or conveyor belt
· Models available for either use on metallic or non-metallic surfaces
· The CS468 has an antenna switch capable of reading up to 300 tags/second/per port
· Capable of plug and play with all CSL readers
· Highly controllable read zones. The performance is particularly good and useful for metal shelves, cabinets and drawers, for the purpose of document tracking.

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