February 18

CSL won the Best Supply Chain/RFID Product Award in LSCM Conference 2011


March 28, 2011

CSL won the Best Supply Chain/RFID Product at the annual Logistic and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) conference in Hong Kong. Below is a video from the event about the awarded products – CS790 ultra-thin antenna and CS468 16-port reader.

The demonstration depicts real-time RFID monitoring of item level activity at the retail level. The display included an ultra-thin CS antenna encapsulated in a beautiful high gloss black wooden shelf and our new CS468- 16 port reader. We do have a strategic relationship with the company that can make these custom wooden shelves. They will ship us the finished shelf and we will embed the antenna. We are now starting retail beta trails in a luxury Hong Kong watch shop as well as in a famous brand shoe store. We will publish case studies at the end of these trials.

At the coming RFID Journal Live in CSL’s Booth #337, we will expand this demonstration to include other unique items that can be effectively tracked with these CS790 ultra thin antennas and the new CS468 16-port reader. This promotional event, combined with a new retail video that is soon to be released soon, should drive further market attention to our revolutionary ultra thin antenna technology.


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