file Date Note
Minor Upgrade v2.2.0 SP18RC77 Apr 2011 See User guide for Minor Firmware Upgrade. Fixed 32.5dBm configuration issue on CS461-7 (China) reader. Minor Upgrade is done on the web administration interface of the reader. Most of the version upgrade can be simply done by this method. Please notice that minor upgrade file v2.2.0 SP1 or later is available for reader loaded with firmware v2.2.0 or later. If your reader has firmware version lower than v2.2.0, please upgrade to v2.2.0 first.
Major upgrade software v2.2.0 SP17 Jan 2008 See User guide for Major Upgrade Program. Corresponds to Impinj’s Octane 3.0 Major Upgrade is done using a Windows-based program through the reader’s console port and network port. It is required only when there is significant change of the reader firmware. Normally, upgrades can be done by minor upgrade method.


file Date Note
Microsoft Biztalk Device Provider v2.2.1.7 Nov 2009 See Quick Start Guide for Microsoft Biztalk RFID.pdf
CS461 Complete Packages 2.2.15 Jun 2009 CS461 Complete Packages 2.2.15


file Date Note
CS461 User’s Manual v4.0 Sep 2007 For firmware v2.2.0
CS461-API table version 1.5.35 Jun 2010 API Table for firmware 2.2.0SP18RC76
Debug Procedure for CS461 Reader 3 Sep 2017 Debug Procedure
CSLIOWIEGAND232 Adaptor Board Guideline Dec 2010 User Guide for the CSLIOWIEGAND232 Adaptor Board
CS461 Configuration – Read and send Tag data to PC via serial port (RS232) Nov 2014 Quick Start Guideline to configure CS461 and send tag data to PC via RS232 serial port