CS463 Patch for Linux OS 4.14.78

file Latest Version Note
CS463Patch_41478_v7.0.zip v7.0 (May 2021) (Latest)
CS463Patch_41478_v6.0.zip v6.0 (May 2021)
CS463Patch_41478_v5.1.zip v5.1 (Mar 2021) Reader must be connected to Internet for downloading patching components. It takes at least 1 hour, depends on the speed of internet connection.
CS463Patch_41478_v4.1.zip v4.1 (Mar 2021) (Latest)
CS463Patch3.1_41478.zip v3.1 (Oct 2019)

CS463 Patch for Linux OS 3.0.35

file Latest Version Note
CS463Patch2.1.zip v2.1