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file Latest Version Note
RFID FwUpgrade 2.0.30 v2.0.30 (Latest) 1. Fixed can not upgrade from USB interface (support R1000 and R2000 machine).
RFID FwUpgrade 2.0.29 v2.0.29 1. added “fullimage_” file name header type.

*** write to address 0x00100000 when imgae file name is bootloader_* or fullimage_*

*** write to address 0x00106000 when image file name is image_*

*** not accept other file name image to upgrade
RFID FwUpgrade 2.0.28 v2.0.28 1. Added 1 minute connection retry in reboot to bootloader mode 2. CSLibrary upgrade to 3.0.62
RFID FwUpgrade 2.0.27 v2.0.27 1. Fixed upgrade instability 2. Add more details on screen and in log file. 3. CSLibrary updated to 3.0.58