April 4

How to upload tag data being captured by CS101 to a SQL server


The TagToSQL demo app allows you to send/receive tag data from SQL server.


Make sure that your CS101 is connected to the network through wifi and can have access to the SQL server.

Whatever you have typed in for “SQL Settings”, those have to be prepared ahead of time by you.  As an example displayed by the pictures attached, you have to make sure that:

You have to enter the IP address of your SQL server (, server name (SQLEXPRESS by default for SQL Express 2005/2008), Database Name (RfidDB is an empty database that we created using SQL server Management Studio Express), User ID and Password (based on the security settings of your SQL server).

The demo app will automatically create a table called “TagInfo” with the fields “TagID” and “TagTime” within the database.  Tag data will be stored within the table.  You can also read the tag data back using the demo app.














TagToSQL_2 TagToSQL_3 TagToSQL_4 TagToSQL_5


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