October 20

New CS6821 Passive ID Access Card Delivers More Power and Punch


Here at CSL we’re excited to announce the new CS6821 ID access card tag, delivering much higher read range performance than previous tags. In addition to its increased power, the CS6821 tag design offers the ability for hole punch on all four sides for exceptional versatility.

The new CS6821 RFID tag has a read range of up to 15 meters, enabling accurate and reliable tracking and identification of personnel.

The CS6821 ID access card tag is a member of the CSL customized passive ID access card EPC C1G2 RFID family. This diverse product series consists of tags specially adapted to be worn or carried on the human body – either hanging from the neck, placed inside a shirt or pants pocket, or in a handbag.

The CS6821 can be custom ordered in numerous configurations of pre-punched holes for use with lanyards or for permanently mounting to assets.

CSL offers a range of RFID tag solutions, working in conjunction with our RFID readers and antennas for complete solution offerings to suit nearly any application.


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