RFID Heating Up Global Cold Chain

RFID use in cold chain, has been moving slowly mainly due to high costs and the criticality of the technology. However, the implementation of various government mandates related to food safety and drug traceability in the U.S. and Europe, have injected new life into the market. Frost & Sullivan’s Strategic Analysis of RFID in Cold Chain Market project over 200% market growth in the next five years.

Good news for CSL which recently released its CS8300 Temperature Sensor Tag and CS8301 Rugged Temperature Sensor Tag for the cold chain market. CSL designed the products to be fully ISO and EPC Class 3 Gen 2 compliant and affordable. To further enable system integrators, CSL provides a complete temperature monitoring system including demo software, CS101 Hand Held Reader, and Temperature Sensing Tags.

CSL is working with partners around the world on these top RFID Cold Chain Logistics Applications:

  • Temperature-controlled supply chain
  • RFID Temperature Sensing and Data Logging
  • Food Inspections and Food Safety Audit
  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Product Authentication
  • Quality Control
  • Recall Management
  • Perishable food transportation
  • Pharmaceutical temperature sensitive drug management
  • Living organic materials
  • Floral Management
  • Industrial composites and chemicals tracking

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