SD card not detected on the CS101

When you push the SD card into the slot, could you feel that the card was hard to be inserted or the card could not come in and/or smoothly?  It is possible that some dirt or very small items were in the way and causing contact issues.  If possibly, please try looking into the slot under a light source and see whether you see any strange things.

If everything looks okay on the hardware.  You can try putting the ROM back to factory default.
Please note that you can find the latest ROM version from the CD image on our website.  SDHC (SD card that is greater than 2GB) is not supported on D17 ROM image.  The 8GB card would not be detected.  Therefore, I would suggest you to update the firmware to 2.0a or above by copying the image files from the CD to a 2GB or smaller card.  The files should be detected in that case.

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