Cold Chain Logistics

Transportation for environmentally sensitive goods, food safety, QA/QC and inspections are major concerns for food processors and manufacturers. Safety inspections are essential to ensuring your processes and products are compliant with many different safety regulations. With CSL’s RFID solution, you can manage cold chain logistics with ease and accuracy.

CSL-RFID Cold Chain Logistics Applications:

  • Temperature-controlled supply chain
  • RFID Temperature Sensing and Data Logging
  • Food Inspections and Food Safety Audit
  • Temperature Controlled Storage
  • Product Authentication
  • Quality Control
  • Recall Management
  • Perishable food transportation
  • Pharmaceutical temperature sensitive drug management
  • Living organic materials
  • Floral Management
  • Industrial composites and chemicals tracking


Cold Chain Management Challenges

  • Am I conducting and storing the required temperature data logging?
  • How can I quickly and easily manage inspection?
  • What must I do to maintain compliance?
  • Am I ready for a food safety audit?
  • Can I provide safety traceability?


CSL’s RFID Cold Chain Management Benefits

  • CSL simplifies the food safety and inspection process.
  • Digital temperature and time tracking
  • Provides food tractability identification
  • Track and trace perishable food and pharmaceuticals
  • Mobile handheld devices used to digitize the food safety inspection process
  • RFID technology for simple product and equipment identification
  • Cradle-to-grave product and equipment traceability
  • Real-time safety compliance monitoring and reporting


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