CSL-RFID Healthcare Solutions
CSL’s RTLS products have been used in the healthcare industry for patient tracking, extended care patient monitoring, hospital equipment tracking, and more. With CSL’s RTLS solution, you can track, locate, and monitor with ease and accuracy.

CSL-RTLS Healthcare Applications:

  • Patient Monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical temperature-sensitive drugs
  • Medical equipment tracking
  • Wheelchair and mobile medical equipment tracking
  • Lab specimen tracking


Healthcare Challenges

  • Help me find things that are not where they should be?
  • How can I quickly and easily manage inspections?
  • How can I locate patients and monitor the patient wait times?
  • I want to maximize the utilization of my medical equipment.


CSL’s Healthcare Benefits

  • Improve patient safety
  • Increase medical equipment utilization with real-time tracking
  • Boost revenue with automated billing
  • Reduce medical errors using track and trace applications
  • Improve patient quality of care


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