Warehouse Management

CSL-RFID Warehouse Management
CSL-RFID Warehouse Management products are extremely valuable for warehousing operations. CSL’s RFID tags and RFID readers present very flexible reading capabilities for the warehousing industry since the tags do not require a line of sight as bar codes do, they are orientation independent, and can also be read unattended. RFID readers can be set up in read zones that automatically monitor and record all movements for certain areas of the facility such as a shelf, secure storage areas, a dock door, or container yard.

CSL-RFID Warehouse Management Applications

  • Returnable Transport Items with RFID
  • RFID Pallet Tracking
  • RFID Warehouse
  • RTI Container Management
  • Container Tracking
  • Pallet Tracking
  • Cage Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Tractors Monitoring
  • Trailers Management
  • Forklifts Management


Warehouse Management Challenges

  • How can I increase efficiency at my distribution centers?
  • How can I reduce cost of movement of goods within the warehouse?
  • What is the best way to maximize my warehouse equipment and labor?
  • Are there better ways to track all items within the warehouse correctly?
  • How can I speed up my response rate to customer requests?


CSL’s RFID Warehouse Management Benefits

  • Reduces the amount of labor
  • RFID eliminates human error to improve data accuracy
  • Reduces the cost of rework
  • RFID can speed up the handling processes
  • Warehouse inventory management
  • Forklift identification for accident reduction and product locator
  • Stock location management


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