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Recently we focused on updating our support section for product guides, software downloads and demo applications. Here’s a quick list on some of our recent changes. Please check out the latest changes in our support and download section:

1) Re-organized download sections for General User and for Developer. General User section contains installers and documents only. Developer section contains SDK and documents.
2) Updated all user manuals, programmer’s guide and reference manuals.
3) Added source codes and updated all demo applications.
4) New demo applications for assorted operating system and programming languages added.
5) All firmware and firmware upgrade tools updated with release notes/history.
6) Added special notes to help on common difficulties and FAQ.
7) New support documents for new products such as cold chain tags, CS208 RFID Reader, new passive RFID ID card, combo BAP ID card, etc.

Top 10 Applications of RFID in Manufacturing

As RFID technology continues to advance, new solutions are constantly being developed to enable the benefits of improved efficiency and productivity across a range of industries. Manufacturing was one of the first industries to explore the capabilities of RFID more than two decades ago, and yet applications in this sector are still progressing all the time.

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Battery Assisted Passive RFID Technology Brings Low Cost Smart Temperature Monitoring To Cold Chain

CSL’s RFID temperature sensor portfolio makes cold chain temperature monitoring at the carton and item level convenient and affordable with their UHF EPC Class 3 Gen 2 Temperature Sensor Tags. Designed for operating under difficult and harsh cold chain environments, CSL’s Temperature Sensor Tags have the ability to monitor cold chain temperatures in cold storage applications, mobile overseas containers, and trailers moving from coast to coast. In addition, the tags are user programmable to set alerts according to business rules.

“Finally, there is a product that can perform well in the harshest, coldest and most demanding environments,” said Michael McCartney, Principal, QLM Consulting. “Companies can now feel confident in measuring and monitoring temperature through out the perishable cold chain.”

The Temperature Sensing tags are available now and CSL is working with partners on important applications such as tracking salmon in Europe, monitoring perishable fruit in a global cold chain application, and product verification in temperature controlled warehousing and transportation.

“We are excited to partner with CSL in providing a cost effective and reliable temperature monitoring system based on a UHF RFID tag,” claimed Viktor Varan, CEO of Enlight AS and HRAFN AS.

“One of the major advantages of our Temperature Sensing Tags, as compared to other tags on the market, is that our tags are fully EPC Class 3 Gen 2 compliant and can be read by ALL EPC Gen 2 readers,” reports Jerry Garrett, managing director, CSL. “Moreover, CSL’s Temperature Sensing Tags provides a cost-effective solution for cold chain monitoring to extend temperature logging down to the carton level.”

CSL’s Temperature Sensor Portfolio is available in several versions with options for multiple LEDs, push button, data logging, custom graphics, and more. The CS8300 Temperature Sensor Tag has a slim profile, is light weight, and low cost for cold chain tracking at the carton and item level. The CS8301 Rugged Temperature Sensor Tag is designed for the harshest, coldest and most demanding cold chain applications. The CS8301 Tag is fully enclosed by a plastic case to meet IP67 standards with LED lights to indicate temperature violations and battery life status. CSL provides a complete temperature monitoring system including demo software that is compatible with CSL’s full line of handheld and fixed readers, and antennas. For a demonstration, visit RFID Journal LIVE!, at CSL’s booth #229.

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