Intro to the CS101 Temperature Tag App

The CS101 is capable of reading Temperature Sensor Tags (part #CS8300-2), which send information about what the temperature is in/around the tag. After installing the CSL Temp Tag App on the CS101, you can enable this capability and read these tags. Here is a quick introduction to this application:
At first when you start up the application, no tags will be shown.

Temperature App Select

You can find nearby tags by clicking on the ‘Start’ button, or you can look for a specific tag by clicking on the ‘Find’ button. Once you’ve clicked on the ‘Start’ button, for example, all nearby Temperature Sensor Tags will be shown, as you see here:

Temperature App Select 2

To change certain settings in the tag such as the temperature threshold, click on the Configure tab, where you will be provided with the following options:

Temperature App Configure

You may also associate the tag with certain assets, using the Associate tab:



You may notice when you first scan for Temperature Sensor Tags, that under the temperature column, they are turned “OFF.” This is the default state, to save the battery in the tag. Once you are ready to turn it on and use it, you can do this in the Commission tab:

Temperature App Commission

Just click on the tag to highlight it, then click on the ‘Tag Commissioning’ button. This will turn the tag on. You can see this by going back to the Select tab. When you first go back to the Select tab, you will see nothing, and will need to click on the ‘Start’ button again to find the tag. Once found, you should now see the tag telling you what temperature it is at:

Temperature App Select

At this point, you cannot change any configuration settings. To change them, or to save the battery when the tag is not in use, you will need to turn the tag off. Just click on the tag, then go to the Configure tab, which now looks like this:

Temperature App Configure

To turn the tag off, click on the ‘Disable Monitoring’ button. When you’re ready to exit the application, just click on the Exit tab in the upper right corner.

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