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Frame Source Group Introduces The Fastest Way To Inventory Eyewear

Powered by the CS108


Advanced Inventory Management System (AIMS)

An RFID based inventory system to help eye doctors take control of their business. Offices tag their frames with passive RAIN RFID tags and use the CS108 handheld RFID reader to take inventory. On average, they can inventory 700 frames per minute.

AIMS is rolling out to 3,500 eye doctor offices across the USA. SimplyRFiD is providing software and RF technology including the CS108 Handled.


It takes an all day inventory down to about three minutes and I get my numbers every day. If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know your business.

Dr. Isaac Schunk

Owner at The Vision Source of Arlington Texas

Quickly Tag Frames with RFID

Use the CS108s modular barcode scanner to quickly scan product barcodes and pair them with a unique RFID tag to be used for inventory purposes.

The CS108 also easily holds an iPhone or iPod touch providing a familiar iOS user interface for end users.

Rapid Inventory of Frames

The CS108 built in RFID antenna easily pick up multiple frames with RFID inventory tags each second.  This rapid scanning capability is much faster than barcode scanning each frame. A single person can inventory thousands of frames in the store in a few minutes.

Daily Inventory Reports

The speed of RFID enabled inventory enables more inventory cycles to be conducted, closing gaps that previously existed from weekly or monthly inventory cycles. Stores are now able to conduct daily inventory cycles giving owners up to date information to run their business better.  

How Fast is Your Inventory Process?

The CS108 RFID Sled Handheld combined with the AIMS software is changing the way inventory data is collected.

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