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CS463 Edge Reader
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RFID Enable Your Process

Whether you are manufacturing, distributing, selling, servicing, or managing assets, CSL hardware can RFID enable your business. 

CSL has RFID readers, antennas and tags to enhance a variety of processes. Build your solution with CSL hardware and leverage our fantastic support.

​​Build RFID Apps Like A Pro!

We have code examples to get started quickly. Build your app ​using your OS and programming language of choice.

​Use the technology stack you love!

​Flexible Programming Language
​Multiple OS Options
​Run in the Cloud or On Premise

Product Highlights

CS108 Sled Reader

The longest range UHF RFID Sled reader in the world.

CS463 Edge Reader

CS463 IOT and UHF Reader

​​​The next generation fixed reader with cloud friendly event engine.

CS790 Ultra Thin Antenna

​An extremely thin ​monostatic UHF antenna (~6mm) ​for RFID readers.

​CS468INT 16 Port Reader

​A powerful reader with 16 antenna ports.