We are Your Toolbox For UHF RFID Technology. Our Antennas, Readers and Tags are Used Worldwide by Leading Brands.
CS203x Integrated Intelligent Reader
CS463 Edge RFID Reader
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Download the CS710S Demo App 

Use the CS710S to read tags out of the box with our demo app.  Our application shows how fast reading RFID tags is and it can also read the new passive temperature sensor tags. 

Build RFID Apps Like A Pro!

We have code examples to get started quickly. Build your app using your OS and programming language of choice.

Use the technology stack you love!

Flexible Programming Language
Run in the Cloud or On Premise
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
IBM OpenWhisk
Developer Friendly

CSL Supports Sensor Tags

Our readers support the new passive RFID sensor tags opening up new use cases for passive sensor data collection. The new sensors tags can read temperature, moisture, PH, strain and more. 

Service Support

World Class support dedicated to helping customers build amazing RFID solutions.

RFID Experts

Our team of RFID experts know UHF RFID and EPC Gen2v2 technology inside and out. We know how to combine the right readers, tags and antennas for each RFID use case. 

Software Experts

Our software support team has assisted hundreds of development teams building advanced RFID functionality using CSL RFID readers. We can help with you mobile, embedded and cloud native projects.

Global Reach

Our support team has global coverage for customers across the globe. We provide high touch support across the  USA, South America, EU and Asia.

CSL Readers are Awesome!!!

We worked closely with CSL as we built out products utilizing their readers.  The entire CSL team is extremely talented and they helped us maximize the RFID hardware performance and embedded software reliability.

Carl Brown

SimplyRFID // President

Connect the Edge to the Cloud Faster and More Secure

Our approach to hardware design and software innovation enables developers to securely communicate RFID data to the cloud faster than the competition. 

Product Highlights

CS108 Sled Reader

The longest range UHF RFID Sled reader in the world. Bluetooth connectivity for high compatibility. 


CS203x Integrated Reader

IP68 rated, ruggedized all weather integrated reader and antenna combo.

CS463 Edge RFID Reader

CS463 IOT and UHF Reader

The next generation fixed reader with cloud friendly event engine and secure element technology.

CS776 Antenna

CS776 Thin Antenna

A powerful monostatic circular polarized antenna for long-range tag reading.