CS463 Quick Start Guide

This guide provides simple steps to help you quickly start using your new CS463 RFID reader. 

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CS463 Edge Reader

Summary of View


Serial RS232 Debug Port


USB Host


GPIO Port 15 Pin


Bluetooth Antenna


USB Client/Console


Four RFID Antenna Ports


DC Power + 12V, 5A


Ethernet Port, POE+


Serial RS232 Control Port




Wi-Fi Antenna Port

Box Contents and Step Summary

1. Open Box and Check Contents:

  • CS463 Reader
  • 2.4 Ghz Bluetooth Stub Antenna
  • 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi Stub Antenna

The CS463 AC Power Adapter does not come with the CS463 and can be purchased separately. You will need to select the power cord specific to your country. 

Getting Started

1. AC ADAPTOR: The AC adaptor connects to the CS463 via a “locking” plug. Please screw tight the lock on the DC power plug to ensure reliable power connection. With power connected, the Power LED should light up immediately.

A. Use the provided AC power adapter to power on the the CS463. Plug in the AC power adapter into the wall outlet. 

B. Connect the DC power locking plug into the into the reader. 

C. When connecting the locking plug, please remember to screw tight as shown.

2. Connect and RFID antenna to port 1 or of the reader. (CS463 has 4 available RFID antenna ports from port 1 to port 4)

Connect the RFID antenna to the reader with a wrench (8mm torque with 100 N-cm)

3. Connect both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth antennas as show below. 

4. Fully rotate to close the metal latches to secure the battery cover in position.

Connecting to CS463 using Browser

The CS463 must use ethernet for the initial connection to the reader. This is because Wi-Fi is disabled from the factory.

1. Connect RFID antenna(s) and connect to the reader to power via 802.11 at (POE+) Ethernet for initial setup. The AC Power adapter can also be used to power the reader and is sold separately.

  • Reader Default Static IP Address:
  • Boot time is 2.5 minutes

2. Connect you computer to the reader

  • Use an ethernet switch or directly connect to the reader with an ethernet cable
  • Set your computer to a static IP of (or any other as long as the subnet is 25)

3. Login to the reader via the web interface. 

  • Default path:
  • Default user name: root
  • Default password: csl

4. The status page will be show once you are logged in. 

4. Select the right Access Mode for your application.

  2. CSL Unified API
  3. CS461 Low Level API (MACH1)
  4. LLRP
  5. CS108 Bluetooth API
  6. Custom Embedded RFID HTTP

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