CS6861 - LED RFID Tag

The CS6861 is a UHF RFID tag with an embedded LED that illuminates upon receiving a special command from CSL readers. The LED allows easy location of specific tagged assets. The tag also has 304 bits of EPC memory and 512 bits of user memory

CS6861 LED RFID Tag Roll

Watch the CS6861 LED RFID Tag Flash!

The CS6861 brightly flashes the LED when read. The tag can illuminate in both inventory and geiger modes.

About the CS6861 LED RFID Tag

The CS6861 is excellent for asset and equipment tracking as well as long term auditing and maintenance recording.  The tag works with CSL readers such as the CS108, CS710S and CS463. 

  • Works with CSL readers
  • Read Range 4+ meters (13 feet)
  • Read Writable 100k times
  • Simplify Asset and Equipment Tracking

CS6861 Specifications



Frequency Range

Global 860 to 960 MHz

Read Range

4+ Meters (13 feet)

IC Chip Type


LED Color


Label Dimension

L 100mm x W 12 mm (L 3.937 in x W 0.47 in)


EPC 304 bits, User Memory 512 bits

Mode of Operation

Passive EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO18000-6C

IC Lifetime

Read/Write 100k times, Data store up to 10 years

Operational Temperature

-5°C to +60°C (23°F to 140°F)

Operational Humidity

20%-80% Relative Humidity

Order Code

CS6861 (Includes 1,000 labels per roll)


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