Brickyard Near Field Antenna

The CS777 near-field reader antenna is a key enabling technology for UHF Gen2 Item-Level Tagging systems. The CS-777 is optimized to read near-field tags placed on products with a variety of packaging options including plastic bottles and metal foil blister packs as well as different contents such as powders, pills and even liquids. It can be used in retail and pharmaceutical applications, library systems, document control, check out counters and many other applications requiring a short and constrained read range. The Brickyard antenna is designed for operation with the CSL RFID reader (CS-461), Impinj Speedway® readers as well as other “Powered by Impinj” RFID readers.

  • Near-field RFID operation to enable reading of Item Level Tags
  • Work with UHF Gen2 RFID tags that incorporate an inductive near-field component including the Button™, Paperclip™ and Satellite™ tags
  • High performance, low cost antenna solution
  • Tabletop or table bottom mounting
  • Physical Characteristics

    30 cm (Diameter); 6 cm (Height)

  • Weight

    2 lbs

  • Connector type

    Reverse polarized TNC male connector

  • Cable length


  • Mounting

    3 mounting holes for tabletop mounting or 6 mounting holes for bottom mounting

  • Operating Temp

    -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F)

  • Storage Temp

    -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)

  • Humidity

    5% to 95% relative, non-condensing

  • Frequency Range

    865-868 MHz / 865-867 MHz / 902-928 MHz / 952-954 MHz bands (country-specific)

  • Polarization

    Near-field magnetic coupling

  • Impedance

    50 ohms

  • Far Field Gain

    6-dBi max.

  • Return Loss

    -15 dB (typical)

  • Read Range

    up to 15 cm with pure near field tag, up to 40 cm with transitional (near and far field) tag

  • Input Power

    1 Watt (typical operating condition), 3 Watts (absolute max)

  • Order Code

    CS777C-024-N (N=1: 865-868 MHz for Europe & 865-867 MHz for India, N=2:902-928 MHz, C=S: SMA Reverse Polarity Connector, C=N: N Reverse Polarity Connector, C={none}: TNC Reverse Polarity Connector, 024=standard 2.4m cable and please discuss with CSL sales department for special requirements)

  • Restrictions on Use

    Approvals, features and parameters may vary depending on country legislation and may change without notice. Speedway®, Brickyard™, Button™, Paperclip™ and Satellite™ are trademarks of Impinj, Inc. 2007.