RFID Sensor Tags

Read RFID Sensor Tags With CSL Readers

Our RAIN RFID reader lineup is designed to support emerging technologies like passive RFID sensor tags. The new class of passive RFID sensor tags can read moisture and temperature without batteries from up to 17 meters away.  The CSL readers support the special communication techniques required to accurately read sensor tags, like the Axzon Magnus Flexible Temperature Sensors and ASYGN AS321x Temperature Sensors

CS463 Edge Reader - Antennas




Reading RFID Sensor Tags

RFID Sensor tags use special commands that aren't normally used during a typical RFID inventory control application. Interacting with sensor tags requires a special firmware to optimize the reader for sensor tag interaction. We designed our reader firmware and API to provide world class performance for passive RFID sensor tags. 

  • Handle Select Commands to read the On-Chip RSSI
  • Use On-Chip RSSI to facilitate accurate sensor readings
  • Temperature mode with 3ms continuous wave to power up the temperature circuit
  • Read sensor tags from multiple chip manufacturers
  • Updated reader API to simplify sensor tag reading

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Start Reading RFID Sensor Tags

You can use the CSL Demo App to start reading and testing sensor tags.  You don't need a custom app to start learning how passive RFID sensor tags work and validate your use case for the technology. Our demo apps can customize sensor alert thresholds that are needed for real world temp tracking applications. 

Demo App Sensor Tag Features

Read Multiple Sensors On One Screen.

Isolate A Single Sensor Tag.

Adjust Sensor Tag Settings And Alerts. 

Create Your Custom Sensor Tag App

The code for the CSL Demo App is open source and already posted to GitHub.  You can download our code to use as a foundation for your custom app project.  We have code posted in multiple languages and version for different operating systems.  Customize your code to read an RFID temperature sensor tag or RFID moisture sensor tag. 

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