June 27

CSL Partners with Axzon to Read New Sensor Tags.


CSL is proud to announce our new partnership with Axzon Inc. a leader in the passive sensing market. Our engineers enabled CSL readers to read the sensor tag family from Axzon. This product opens up greater opportunities in reading a wider range of sensors utilizing passive UHF RFID. All Axzon sensors can read temperature and moisture while their new RFM405 Xerxes-I has analog ports for external transducers to sense pH, strain, gas concentration, to name a few.

“CSL’s engineering team is committed to providing support for the Magnus sensor tag family. We believe that Axzon is establishing an early leadership position in the incorporation of industry accepted UHF RFID tag protocol combined with their integrated environmental sensors. The CS108 as well as all of our CSL stationary readers are now “out-of-the box” ready to read Axzon’s Magnus sensor tag,” says Jerry C. Garrett, Managing Director, Convergence Systems Limited.

“We are very excited to offer Convergence System Limited’s CS108 handheld sled reader as part of our IoT sensing solution. Sled handheld readers are an integral part of our ecosystem, using existing mobile devices to serve as sensor data hub, allowing scale, growth and new applications with justifiable ROI. We are looking forward to further expand our partnerships by jointly serving more applications and customers,” says Shahriar Rokhsaz, CEO of Axzon.

This partnership opens up exciting new opportunities for CSL readers to be used in monitoring new types of IoT solutions using these new passive RFID sensors from Axzon.

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Axzon Website

CS108 Product Page


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